Fixing Right-click context menu Delayed in Windows 8.1


Upgraded from windows 8 to win 8.1 finding  context menu  is so delaying. Every time I do right click on desktop to refresh it takes few seconds to complete.


1.Download ShellExView.

This program does not require installation,save the file and extract the zip file. Now right click on it and run as Administrator.


2. Now from the menu go to Options and select Filter By Extension Type.From the drop down list select Context menu and press OK.


3. On the list, you’ll see some of the entries with pink background, those are installed by the third party software.



4. Hold down CTRL Key and select all of them then click on the red button on top left corner to disable.

5. Go to Options and  scroll down to the bottom to select Restart Explorer.

Restart Explorer


6. Now try to right click on desktop to see if it fix the problem. If it does then start to enable applications  one by one till you find the offending extension  and Restart Explorer until the problem occurs again.

You may need to perform a Clean Boot also.



Samsung Galaxy Tab S Ad

Samsung has very recently published an ad on Galaxy Tab S.The company has once again tried to turn down Apple ipad Air.In this ad,a guy  is showing Galaxy Tab S  to a number of new yorkers and asking their feedback on the tablet.After the comparison people from various walks of life concluded Samsung Galaxy S Tab is thinner,brighter and lighter.

But it may change on September 9th when Apple will announce it’s new products.



OneDrive Updated

Microsoft has updated OneDrive.

Updates For Androids:

with it, you can now access both your personal and work accounts.Users can now get to their personal or work files, easily share with family or coworkers, and ensure that they’re never without the files that matter to them – all from a single app. Your personal and work accounts are kept separate, and OneDrive makes it clear when you’re accessing your work or personal files. So you don’t need to worry about accidentally backing up your photos to your work account.Android app also now supports setting up a PIN. Simply create a 4 digit code, and you can limit access to the app and your files. This version of our app also includes improvements to camera backup speed and reliability and lets users open files directly from OneDrive in other apps.

Updates For iOS:

Users can now swipe down in the app to reveal a search box. This makes it easy to quickly find the specific file or folder that you’re looking for. All Photos view from the web to the iOS app,is a beautiful and convenient way to see all of your photos from across your OneDrive grouped together and organized chronologically. In the iOS app, this is also where you can check your camera backup status.

Updates to OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1:

a number of bug fixes as well as enabling users to access their OneDrive recycle bin,easy to restore accidently deleted files and folders.



Overheating issue of Surface Pro 3 & Possible Fix


According to many users who are using Surface Pro 3 with i7 Processors experience overheating issues.The system overheats during the updates and fan spins up loudly.

Possible Fix:-

According to STep_001 ,a user of Microsoft Community it’s not a hardware issue but a software issue;the windows installer is the culprit.It runs in the background resulting high CPU usage,sucks memory.This causes the system to overheat and increase fan activity.You may go through Microsoft Community thread.

How Microsoft can fix this:

If the findings are true then Microsoft should issue a patch or a hot fix.


Launching Media Center Error Logs From Run Menu in Windows 8.1 Pro


You are using Windows Media Center and it’s crashing from time to time.If it happens you need to look at the Media Center log files  to find out why  it’s happening.


How to launch Media Center log:

Press Win + R keys to launch Run menu.

In the open space copy and paste the following and press the Enter key :

%SystemRoot%\System32\Winevt\Logs\Media Center.evtx

This will launch the Media Center event viewer logs.


To view Error logs:

Look at the Errors with red exclamation signs against them and double click on them to view the errors.


Source:TechNet wiki Article


Windows Photo Viewer Metro style

This is an awesome tip which will allow you to change the UI  of default Photo Viewer program. Windows Photo Viewer still features the previous Windows 7 style.The idea of this tip is to replace the PhotoViewer.dll file located in C:\program files\Windows photo viewer by taking ownership of the dll file.

Once you do this you will get Windows Photo Viewer Metro style.More over if you like to revert back to original style you can achieve that without any problem.

Details of steps are given here: