Posted by: mymce | April 2, 2012

Fixing “Failed to retrieve media Information from media server” error in WMP12


I have a Home Theater network receiver. I am getting “Failed to retrieve media Information from media server” when I try to use play to feature  within WMP12.


1. Close WMP12.

2. In the Start >Search box type in: Services.msc   and press the Enter Key.

3. Locate  ‘Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service’.It Shares Windows Media Player libraries to other networked players and media devices using Universal Plug and Play.

4. Right click on it and select Stop.

5. Locate the service ‘UPnP Device Host’.It allows UPnP devices to be hosted on this computer. If this service is stopped, any hosted UPnP devices will stop functioning and no additional hosted devices can be added. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

6.Right click on it and select Stop.After this again select Start to resume the service.

7. Start ‘Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service’ now.

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  1. This resolution did not fix my problem and I found the instructions to be rather vague. Step 3 just says to LOOK for the heading Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service, it does not tell you where to look for it exactly. Even if there hadn’t been a number of places to look after step 2, which there ARE, it would have been more helpful to have been told where to look. And, as I already said, it did not fix the problem, because now when I click on a video and select Play To, it doesn’t even bring up the player window anymore, it just does nothing. Not even an error message like before.

  2. Thank you! It worked for me. Happy Happy :-)

  3. Amy Anne, you obviously can’t read.

    “In the Start Search box type in: Services and press the Enter Key.”

    If you’ve closed WMP, as per instructions, there can only be ONE place to search for the START and that’s in the START MENU -> SEARCH area.

    I agree that the author could of said “Start Menu -> Search” which would of clarified things, but anyone with half an ounce of common sense would of made the connection in 2 seconds.

    The other option (replacing step 2) is: Windows Key + R -> Type “Services.msc”, Press Enter. All services are stored under “Local System” item in the left hand pane. Use the rest of the instructions (from step 3) as posted above.

    • It’s my fault-I just typed services instead of services.msc by inadvertence.
      Yes it will be Start > Search.
      Thanks for correcting my mistake.I have corrected in the original post.

  4. Worked the first time. Thanks

  5. Worked! I also noticed in Homegroup troubleshooter that I had many mapped connections from the past and removing the unused ones helped. Also, disable any unused network connections so as not to confuse the player..

  6. This is not a fix as everytime I reboot I get the same problem

  7. I’ve been running around in circles for about two hours trying to figure out how to stream my library to my Xbox whilst gaming. Lo and behold, this worked! Thanks a million.

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