Posted by: mymce | November 13, 2012

Fixing Not “enough disk space” issue in Windows 8 Media Center


The problem started after upgrading to Windows 8 Pro.Whenever I try to record it gives me error that I don’t have “enough disk space” but I actually have 900 GB Free space.I have tried tweakings including HD recording disabling but no luck.


1. Close down Windows Media Center

2.In Windows 8 Pro Start up Screen write Control Panel.

3.Open Control Panel in Large icons view.

4.Open Administrative Tools.

5 Double Click on Computer Management ,navigate to System Tools->Expand it to Task Scheduler->Task Scheduler Library->Microsoft->Windows->Media Center

3. In the central panel locate “MediaCenterRecoveryTask” which should have a status “Ready”. Right click on this task and select Run (status goes to “Running”)

4. Wait a while for the task to do its stuff (the status doesn’t seem to change) then right click on the task again and select End (status goes back to “Ready”)

5. Open Windows Media Center which will report that there has been a problem and that it is necessary to run through the setup again.

Microsoft Community

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