Sony launches new Bravia home theatre system in India

The DAV-DZ370 is available at Rs. 17,990 in Sony stores across the country.

Some significant features of the DAV-DZ370 are:

1000W RMS ( 143 X5 + 285W ) : offers a 1000 W total audio output which makes you feel right in the middle of action while watching the television with the power sound effect it delivers. It also plays DVD’s, AM and FM

USB Port for playback and record – Music stored on USB memory devices can be played back through this new system with a simple plug and play operation. The system can ‘rip’ music from CD’s to such devices via its USB port.

High-quality DVD player with HDMI® (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output with 1080p upscaling to ensure an optimum picture.

·         BRAVIA Sync

·         Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (DCAC) : An auto speaker setup technology that utilizes the digital signal processor to ensure optimal speaker settings for your living room ensuring best sound platform.

·         DIVX compliant Sony’s Home Theatre range takes you the highest levels of a pleasurable watching experience with multiple subtitles, chapter points and interactive menus

·         Night Mode Dialogue Enhancer for all those night movie lovers who do not want to compromise on sound quality, Sony‘s new model keeps the speech clear while limiting the volume of sudden sound effects.

·         Digital Media Port (DMPORT) : allows music to be stored on pocket players, mobile phones and computers. This modular feature helps communicate with all these devices, enabling music to be played through the home theatre.

·         The model is equipped with movie/music mode, digital IN which makes it accessible for play station and Blue Ray Disc connectivity. With Digital Media (DM) port you can connect your portable and wireless music devices for a full home theatre sound experience.

·         Wall Mount brackets for surround speakers, HDMI cable and home installations are completely free.


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