DIRECTV and Microsoft-A loss for all media center enthusiasts

It started way back in January 2006 and ended in  December 2008.Chris Lanier has wriiten a great post  here on what went wrong between Direct TV and Microsoft.In the bottom line in his article Chris wrote-

“I firmly believe both companies at a fault, but Microsoft will always take the most abuse because they can’t seem to conjure up a good Media Center release.  This is not DIRECTVs platform falling apart before our eyes, it is Microsoft’s.

Given that I think the framework is there, we might see other providers step up to the plate and offer solutions.  I strongly suspect others have like projects in development, but then again so does did DIRECTV, so I guess we have to wait for an official word at this point.”

And here I wish to add my bottom line:-I don’t know Who is really responsible for this.But I do understand that’s it’s a loss for all media center enthusiasts.So dear Santa can you bring back DirectTV?



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