How to import HD movies in to Windows Media Center

“The upgraded Movie Library in Windows 7 Media Center is very appreciated, but while it’s better than Vista, it still doesn’t do everything we want. Our main point of contention is that although it is possible to play more file types, it still isn’t possible to fast forward or rewind them (you can skip forward, back, and resume though). The other issue is that connecting the HTPC directly to a HDTV is for the birds, and codec support on Extenders is very limited. The good news is that with a little help from our favorite Media Center utility and our new best friend, we’ve devised a very easy way to convert just about any HD movie to DVR-MS (Media Center’s native format). This is pretty easy to setup, lets you have full trick play capability on extenders, and the results are good enough to please even our discerning eye.”

Here is the full article of Ben Drawbaugh:-


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