Posted by: mymce | September 14, 2009

How to disable Windows Media Center in Windows Seven

Many ask in news groups on how to disable media center in windows seven.So here are step by step instructions on how tos:-

1]Open Control Panel.

2]Go to Programs and Features.


3]Click Turn Windows Features on or off.

W7MCE  2

4]Scroll down to Media Features and expand it.


5]Uncheck the box against Windows Media Center.


6]Click OK

W7MCE  5

W7MCE  6

7]Restart the machine.

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  1. DANGER for users of DDE links:

    I tried this and it worked. Unfortunately it also switched off DDE links that I use to keep an Excel spread sheet up to date. After an uncomfortable half hour I made the connection, turned Media Center back on, and all was well.

    All the best popolll

  2. But when i am trying to open Turn windows features ON or OFF the windows media center window opened what to do now plzzzzzzzzzz help . . .

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