LM Remote KeyMap version 6.9

LM Remote KeyMap is a replacement software for your Streamzap, Firefly, Firefly Mini, USB-UIRT, TechnoTrend or MCE Remote. With the included remote profile editor, you can choose what each button of your remote will do for each of your favorite application. LM Remote KeyMap can also make use of your IR Blaster (USB-UIRT or MCE) either localy or remotely (from another PC).

  • Fixed : Arithmetic overflow error when logging off on X64 system
  • Fixed : Access denied error when switching users
  • Fixed : Error when displaying OSD (rare threading issue)
  • Improved : LM Remote KeyMap Desktop Listener doesn’t show in windows list when using Alt+Tab
  • Improved : ignore MCE blaster device timeout when blasting
  • Improved : multicast message are sent / received on all network interfaces
  • Improved : SageTV channel change plug-in COM issue on some system
  • Added : Copy IR device or Application profile from the main LM RKM GUI
  • Improved : Added icons to IR devices buttons
  • Added : “Find Child Window” action
  • Added : “Press Key To” action to send simple keyboard shortcuts to a non focused window (this action may not work at all with some application, and you may need to use the “Find Child Window” action to make it work with some applications)
  • Added : “Window Border” action to hide / show the border of an existing window
  • Improved : Added new buttons to the virtual USB-UIRT remote
  • Added : preliminary support for Emprex MCE remote
  • Improved : Added new buttons to Gyration MCE remote
  • http://www.lmgestion.net/@en-us/4/22/60/article.asp


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