Fixing “Guide Download Error”

Problem:-I have windows 7 ultimate.I can not download guide in windows media center.I am getting the following error:-

The guide could not be downloaded for more information right click the windows media center tray icon and open the Windows Media Center Update Log.


Click the Start button.

In the Start Search box type in:task .

Locate Task Scheduler in the Program menu and launch it.

Expand Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Media Center and highlight it.

Locate ObjectStoreRecoveryTask,which is present on the middle pane ,right click on it and select Run.

After a break of say 15-20 minutes open WMC ,go to Tasks > Settings > General > Automatic Download options > Download Now.


8 thoughts on “Fixing “Guide Download Error”

  1. Does the task have to finish running before opening wmc? Anyway when I open wmc it says it corrected a problem and I redownload the guide but nothing happens and if I choose to do it a second time it gives me the error again. I live in Canada so I have a couple of .dat files I have had to run to get the the tv guide to work for me. Im not sure if there is a conflict but I have had wmc running before with no problems.

  2. Thanks – worked fine for me, in UK (although after putting in:task into the Start Search I got only three programmes showing and instead had to search the c:drive using win explorer to find the Task Scheduler. Then went fine (even tho’ WMC was open and I just restarted it after the 15 mins wait).

    HOWEVER: I do find that with a weak TV signal it can be a real pain getting WMC to recognise the signal – possibly depending on the weather, and seems to need a 20 minute wait before trying to view a live transmission – but once it’s found the signal it’s fine.

  3. Thanks so much! I tried searching MS help with no luck and this post did it for my WMC “Guide Download Error”. I am running Win 8.1 and had to slightly adjust directions getting to the Task Scheduler but found ObjectStoreRecoveryTask ok. Thanks again!!!

  4. Tom, thanks for posting this link. It in fact fixed my issue by changing the hosts file to point to the right DNS servers. Obviously your fix was not the problem to the original thread posted over 2 years ago…. but it helped me find the right answer today 🙂

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