ZyXEL’s WHD6215 :enjoy Home theatre entertainment wirelessly

Zylex has very recently come out with an innovative product, WHD6215 ,which helps people to enjoy Home theatre entertainment  wirelessly.Here is the press release of the product:-

The WHD6215 display adapter allows consumers to wirelessly connect up to four devices to their HD TV to stream digital content, eliminating the need to anchor entertainment components adjacent to the screen. Offering greater flexibility and freedom when designing one’s home theater center, ZyXEL’s WHD6215 enables consumers to place their devices anywhere in the room without worrying about unsightly wires. 

The WHD6215 works with all HDMI® devices, including Blu-ray / DVD players, game consoles, smartphones and tablets. A true plug-and-play device with no extra configuration required, ZyXEL’s Aerobeam WHD6215 adapters provide full 1080P video playback, including 3D, with no lag or loss in picture quality. It also supports 7.1 surround sound audio for the highest-quality A/V (audio/video) experience available.
ZyXEL WHD6215 Kit is based on the WirelessHD technology standard and is architected and optimized for the sole purpose of wirelessly streaming HD multimedia. It leverages 60 GHz millimeter wave technology, providing the necessary bandwidth for multi-Gigabit data rates, which are required to wirelessly stream reliable, uninterrupted HD video and audio. The 60 GHz spectrum also eliminates interference from other wireless technologies, such as popular 802.11x standards. ZyXEL’s WHD6215 integrates Silicon Image’s WirelessHD solutions to deliver true uncompressed and lossless high-definition digital video, audio and data, without  any compromise from a wired experience. Silicon Image is a member of the WirelessHD Consortium, a technical standards-setting organization founded by Broadcom, Intel, LG Electronics, NEC, Panasonic, Philips Electronics, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba to provide a unified standard-based approach to wireless home entertainment.



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