Windows 7 Hangs on Logoff with Outstanding Media Notifications

Problem:-If you press “Volume up”, “Volume down” & “Mute” shortcut keys present on a media keyboard prior to log off or,shutdown then the system hangs.

Why it’s happening:-

The problem occurs because a deadlock occurs in LogonUI.exe while waiting on outstanding media notification.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products


IE9 Blocks 7 Times More Malware than Other Browsers

NSS Labs Q3 report shows that IE9 caught 96% of live threats with SmartScreen and an additional 3.2% with Application Reputation.

Details here:-

Kirkland’s Ceton releases external tuner

InifiniTV 4 USB,  has four tuners that can simultaneously stream four live high-definition channels at once.It’s compatible with Windows 7 Media Center. It also accepts CableCard devices provided by cable companies.

Pre-orders started  and  shipping is planned to begin Sept. 19.

“Windows media player encountered a problem while burning file to disk” error


When I try to burn a video disk I get the following error:-

“Windows media player encountered a problem while burning file to disk”


Try to reset WMP:-

  •  Start  > Control Panel  > Programs > Programs and Features.
  •  Turn Windows features on or off in the left pane.
    • Expand Media Features.
    • Uncheck check box for Windows Media Player.
    • Click Yes to continue.
    • [Remember WMC feature will also be turned off as WMP and WMC are dependent on each other] 
    • Reboot
  • Open Turn Windows features on or off again.
  • Check the checkbox for Windows Media Player and/or Windows Media Center.
  • Restart computer.