Kinect for Media Center

Kinect for Media Center is an application that interacts with my Media Center Remote Command Listener to control a Media Center computer using Hand Gestures and Voice Commands, utilizing the Kinect for Windows hardware.  The Hand Gestures and Voice Commands control the Media Center interface, as well as any add-ins running inside Media Center.  This includes popular add-ins such as Netflix, MyMovies, Media Browser, and Heatwave.

Extenders such as the Xbox 360 are not supported.  Please see the FAQ for more information.


Windows meda player doesn’t stay in full screen


Since after an update WMP is not staying in full screen when I try to play a movie.


Check the following setting first:-

  1. Launch Windows Media Player 12.
  2. Press “Alt”, click “Tools” and “Options…”.
  3. Make sure the “Allow screen saver during playback” is unchecked and click “OK”.

If the above doesn’t help try the following:-

1]Open an MP3 file
2]Press Ctrl+3 to go to Now Playing view.
3]Hold the ctrl button while resizing the window to the full screen size. Close WMP.
4]Now recheck the issue by launching a movie file.