All About Windows8 Media Playback explained.

Challenge is to keep better audio and video playback in both Windows 8 and Windows RT without sacrificing battery life.

The CPU utilization in case of Windows8 has dramatically reduced in comparison to Windows7 during video playback or webcam utilization:-

Microsoft has optimized the media stack in Windows 8 to provide lower CPU utilization, lower memory utilization, and better battery life for Desktop and Metro style apps.

It is also working to make Windows 8 handle the kinds of real time video and audio features that have been enable in applications such as Skype. One such feature allows for Windows 8 to run such apps in low-latency mode.

Windows8’s media depend more on hardware acceleration :-

In Windows 8, S3D support is available on DirectX 10 or higher GPUs with compatible drivers. A S3D-compatible display is needed to see S3D content.Orientation metadata is now supported in MP4 and ASF (VC-1, WMV) videos.And many more..

Here is the detailed


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