W7 Caller ID V 2.1 released

Welcome to Windows 7 Caller ID, phone application that allows you to log phone calls and show them on computers in your home network, Windows 7 Media Center and XBMC. Now with Bluetooth support of smartphones!

Why do I need it?

Some of the more detailed features include:

  • Notification of who is calling before the phone is picked up.
  • Logging of incoming calls.
  • Multiple modem support.
  • Up to 8 remote computers and/or Media Centers capable of receiving caller information
  • Each instance of the Media Center can support up to 5 Media Center Extenders (ie. XBOX 360).
  • Incoming calls that are not wished to be picked up can be dropped using a ‘Drop’ button from both the PC and Media Center.
  • Blocking of unwanted numbers.
  • Sending of E-mail notifications about calls to multiple E-Mail addresses.
  • Importing of contacts from Google Contacts and Outlook, including the display images for the contacts .
  • Bluetooth support of the following smart phone brands: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7.5 and Blackberry. The Bluetooth adapter will work like a land line modem using a hands-free profile.
  • XBMC support.
  • Apple’s Mac Caller ID notification support (Growl).




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