“Playback not available” issue with Sony Bravia


Whenever I insert my USB drive to watch movies on my Sony Bravia HD TV I get “Playback not available”message.


You can enjoy video files on your TV from USB or DLNA devices. See the chart below for supported file format:-

O = Supported
X = Not Supported
Category File Type File Extension DLNA USB
Video MPEG-1 .mpg, .mpe, .mpeg O O
MPEG-2 PS .mpg, .mpe, .mpeg O O
MPEG-2 TS .mpg, .m2t, .mpe, .mpeg O O
AVC (MPEG-4 part 10), MPEG-2 TS .m2ts, .mts O O
AVC (MPEG-4 part 10), MP4 .mp4 O O
MPEG-4 Visual (MPEG-4 part 2), MP4 .mp4 O O
DivX SD (Home Theater profile 3.0) .divx, .avi X X
Xvid .avi X X
WMV (9/VC1), Asf .asf, .wmv O O
DivX HD .divx, .avi X X
OGG .ogv X X
3gpp/3gpp2 .3gp, .3g2 X X
DivX HD plus, MKV .mkv X X
RealMedia .rm, .rmvb X X
MOV .mov X X
FLV .flv X X
MVC .mvc X X

You need a DVD player or,a Blue ray Player or converter application to convert the file to Sony Bravia supporting video formats.You may try Serviio,which  is a free media server.


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