Xbox Music

Here comes Xbox Music -a digital music service to vie with iTunes and Amazon’s Cloud Player, will be available for its Xbox game consoles on Tuesday.It has the same cloud storage capacity like that of itunes and cloud player.Xbox Music will be available in 22 countries.

Key Features:-

Free music streaming

Every Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet and PC lets you stream music from one of the largest digital music catalogs on the planet….free. Listen for over 80 years and never hear the same song twice. Seriously. Try it. ***

Music Discovery

Music should never be work. That’s why we’ve made it easy to discover new music with great features like Smart DJ, which creates custom stations based on your favorite artists.

Offline listening

Xbox Music Pass allows you to download songs to your device so that you can listen to all your favorite music whether you’re sitting in your living room or stuck on a plane.

Cloud Connected

Xbox Music is cloud connected, automatically syncing your Xbox Music Pass collection and playlists across your tablet, PC, phone, and Xbox 360.**

Create and Save Playlists

Easily create and save playlists so you have easy access to your favorite songs. With Xbox Music Pass, your playlists follow you and stay in sync across all your devices.

Music Store

The Xbox Music Store gives you 24/7 access to one of the largest music catalogs on the planet with over 18 million songs. Buy full albums or just your favorite songs.

**Free streaming limited to 10/hours month after 6 months; unlimited with paid subscription. Compatible devices and internet required; ISP fees apply. On TV, Xbox Music is streaming only and requires an Xbox 360 console and additional subscriptions (each sold separately). Some Xbox Music content may not be available via Xbox Music Pass, and may vary over time and by region.

***Free streaming limited to 10 hours/month after 6 months; unlimited with paid subscription. Internet required; ISP fees apply.

Xbox Music


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