Fixing Missing Channels In Windows Media Center

Things to check if you experience missing tv channels in EPG:-

A] Go to and check the channels listed there or not.

B] If the channels are listed in the website but not in your EPG then try the following:-

Open Windows Media Center Tasks > Settings > TV > Guide > Edit Channels.

Check whether the channels listed are marked;if not marked they will not appear.

C] Sometimes using a Zip Code,which is near by to your location helps.

D] You may post the issue at Microsoft Connect

For this you need to sign in or sign up and click Submit Feedback button to raise the issue.Don’t forget to P provide more information about your guide listings. At the Windows Media Center Start    menu, go to: Tasks > Settings > TV > Guide > About Guide Listings.

E] You may try Guide Tool also for adding missing channel

F]If you have a a QAM capable PC tuner you may need view the following Youtube video to get a clear idea:-

6] If you need to remap then  remap the clearQAM channels.

7]If Automatic Download Guide listings doesn’t help then opt for add channels manually.Make sure no firewall or internet security app is trying to block.

7]Don’t forget to update your tv tuner card or graphic card before proceeding.Just visit the websites of the manufacturers to grab the latest drivers.


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