OpenELEC 2.0 released


OpenELEC is an embedded Linux distribution that aims to allow people to use their Home Theatre PC (HTPC) in the same manner as any other device attached to your TV – like a DVD player or Sky box. Turn on your box, and OpenELEC is ready for usage in less than 10 seconds – as fast as some DVD players. A simple remote control is all you need to complete the experience. With OpenELEC you do not need to worry about updating, as the whole operating system will seamlessly self-update everything automatically when connected to the Internet (this includes XBMC). Installing OpenELEC takes less than 5 minutes and requires zero Linux experience. When installed simply add your media files, preferred addons and OpenELEC will “just work!.” Openelec supports a wide range of media shares, including cifs (Windows and most consumer NAS boxes default file sharing system), nfs and many more. This allows you to view your media (music, pictures and videos etc) on OpenELEC even though the files are somewhere else within your network.


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