Microsoft Surface RT: A Few FAQs:Part II

How to take a Screenshot on Microsoft Surface RT?

-Hold the Windows-button pressed and while keeping it pressed; press the volume-down button.

Is there any Firewire Support?

-No,there is no Firewire port and there is no support for the same either.

My surface tablet will not power on, charger is connected.What to do?

-There is a trick,You can try that first.

If there is  touch cover, attach it and make sure it is closed. While the device is charging, hold the power button for about 30 secs…again hold the power button for about 10 secs… and finally for another 5 secs.This should cause for a reboot.

If the above doesn’t help request service at the Surface Online Service Center

How shall I get Right Click ?

-There are a few options:-

When it metro UI,  swipe finger from bottom of the screen and this gives you the right click option.
When in desktop mode, press and hold the screen until a square appears that will give you the drop down box with  right click.

Photos got choppy.How to fix?

-If the Photos app is corrupted it happens.So simple solution is to reinstall the app.To do that visit the Microsoft stores and reinstall the app.

Can I upgrade my Surface RT to Windows 8 Pro Surface when the later will be released?

-No,You can’t do that.Windows 8 Professional is not compatible with the ARM chipset

How to transfer my photos,documents from my old PC to Surface RT?

  • Use a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC card to transfer files.You can store them in Skydrive and later you can get them.

How to back up my files?

File History automatically backs up files that are in your libraries, contacts, favorites, SkyDrive, and on your desktop. If the originals are lost, corrupted, or deleted, you can restore all of them. You can also find different versions of your files from a specific point in time. Over time, you’ll have a complete history of your files.

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