Poor Video Quality issues with Windows 8 Media Center streaming

I know that many of you are facing this -poor video quality issues when you are trying to streaming videos to XBOX.People are experiencing video results with frequent breakups and blocks almost as if there is some sort of bitrate limit set or transcoding going on.We have a long discussion at Microsoft community.People here are getting frustrated.Many users are saying they had absolutely no issues with video streaming quality in Windows 7 Media Center and suddenly the issues started after installing media center add on in Windows 8.So how are these poor guys fixing the problem?Some are reinstalling Windows 7 again.But that’s not the solution-I personally feel that as media center now a paid add on so it is expected that  Microsoft will answer to this issue but unfortunately it’s not happening,I don’t think they care to support media center anymore.

Read all the threads here:-

Win8 Media Center streaming to Xbox quality issues



One thought on “Poor Video Quality issues with Windows 8 Media Center streaming

  1. Hate to agree with you. But it looks like Microsoft GRUDGINGLY let Media Center out for Windows 8. I am assuming since they bundle every other thing that the plan was to strip it out entirely. So now they’ve hobbled and broken it? Thanks a lot Microsoft.

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