Sound keeps muting on Microsoft Surface RT

It seems to be a big issue with Microsoft Windows RT-the volume keeps muting on it’s on.Many suggestions are given like:-

1]Suspected Skype App running at the background is responsible for such.

-Reality:uninstalling Skype didn’t help.

2]Updating the Surface to fix the issue.

-Windows update till now has no such hotfix.

3]Suspected Touchpad

-so far no full proof evidence has been found.

4]Does it happen all the time?

-Hmm..random;nothing can be said when it will really happen.

5]Does the volume drop to 0(zero) or,it just gets muted?

-Maximum reports reveal tat the volume level doesn’t come down to 0(zero) but just gets muted.

6]Does Refresh or Hard Reset help?

-Unfortunately no

So what’s the fix?

“We’re still investigating the issue, however it appears that the cover may be the issue.

You can do the exchange yourself here: or by contacting our Technical support team here:

Please let us know if the exchanged Touch Cover / Type Cover resolves the issue for you.”

The discussions:-

sound keeps muting


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