Microsoft Surface Windows RT FAQ:Part III

I wish to  post pictures to Facebook from the Pictures Gallery on my Windows 8 PC or my Surface tablet.I can go into Picture gallery and select and photo from the SkyDrive.

-Use the App Share Photo

Can I change the way the pen input records caps and lower case?

-No,you can’t.

How can I enable Surface RT to ask for PIN?

-Go to  Charms bar  > Settings > Change PC Settings > Users tab and select to Remove your current PIN then recreate

Is there any app which will help if my Surface is stolen ?

Right now no but keep eyes on store.

I have bought Surface RT but not finding Windows Media Player.

-Unfortunately there is no windows media player in Surface RT.

Does the Surface need to be connected to the internet to use it?

-No.There is no need.

It is recommended to have your Surface connected to the internet during the initial setup so that you will be able to associate a Microsoft Account with it, or create one for it.

Is there a way to store cleartype settings for each orientation? At the moment I have to run the cleartype wizard again if I change orientation.

-Unfortunately, there is no way to save the Cleartype settings per orientation.

I’ve been trying to get playto to work from my surface to my Xbox but I’m having no luck.

-There are a few troubleshooting things on this page:

Sound becomes intermittent upon email notification or typing text.

-Make sure you have installed all the latest updates via Windows update. Reboot and recheck.
How do I access a Lync meeting?

There is a Lync app in the App Store but that requires Office 365 or Lync Server.

You can join  a Lync meeting but you can not create a Lync meeting in Windows RT as there is no Lync plugin for the Mail app.

How can I change my location?

  1. Swipe for Charms
  2. Select Search
  3. Type “Location”
  4. Select “Change Location”

Is there any tweak to enable Flash?

-It’s a known issue as Surface will only play Flash from sites that are whitelisted by Microsoft.If you have patience you have to wait till a fully functional app is released via Store.In the mean time you may try this tweak

I have forgotten password.

What to do if you forget your Windows password

Can I attach any external DVD/CD Drive?

-Playback and CD/DVD writing functionalities are not compatible with Windows RT. It is, however, possible to access data files through a USB connected optical drive.

I noticed a Windows.old folder on my surface, probably from the refresh I did. Can I delete this folder?


Once you are pretty sure that you no longer need any data from Windows.old then it would be a wise decision to remove it, to conserve disk space.


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