Microsoft Surface Windows RT FAQ:Part IV

I wish to install Microsoft Life Cam Webcam,could I install it on Surface Windows RT?

-No,you can not install any webcam except the built-in webcams.

Which mobiles Phones can be used?

-Any smart phone or mobile phone which is MTP based.

What MTP stands for?

-MTP stands for media transfer protocol,it helps in synchronisation of media files between a personal computer and a device such as a smart phone, digital camera or MP3 player.

Can I use Camrecorder?

-Yes,provided it is MTP based.

What about Headsets?

-No issue with headsets-whether wired or wireless.

Can I use ipod?

-No,i’s not compatible

Can I use ipad?

-No,once again not compatible.

Windows Media Player is absent in Surface RT.Which media player can I use?

-Any media player which is MTP based can be used.

Can I use Scanners?

-Most USB Scanners are not supported.

What about printers?

-Printing will work on Windows RT machines.

Are “Backup buttons ” compatible?


Can I install external storage device?

-Yes,you can.

Can I use wireless routers?

-Yes they can be used.

What about game controllers?

-USB game controllers based on XNA are compatible with Windows RT



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