Windows Media Center for Windows 8N or 8K

Here is an interesting thread:-

The user have installed the Media Feature pack on his Windows 8N but he is unable to add Windows Media Center as he doesn’t find any add feature option.Another user experienced the same:-

“I’m having the same problem as the OP.  Here are the details…

1) The instructions say to search for “add features” under settings.  This does not find the item specified in the instructions.  The instructions show that there should be two results:  “add features to Windows 8” and “turn Windows features on and off”.  I only see the second option.

2) Because of #1 above, there is no place to enter the product key to enable Windows media center.

3) I already have “Media Feature Pack for All Windows 8 N and KN Editions” (KB2703761) installed, but that did not install Media Center…only Media Player.

4) Under the option to “turn Windows features on and off” there is a “Media Features” category, but it does not have media center under it, just media player.

Has anyone gotten around this yet, as it seems that the documentation is badly lacking and/or incomplete?”

The original thread


I myself have never played with Windows 8N/8K but it seems there is no Windows Media Center.According to the following KB article -This update does not include or install Windows Media Center or pre-installed Windows Store apps.

KB Article


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