Microsoft Surface Windows RT FAQ:Part IV

Can I make the drive in surface RT  indexable?

-No,it’s not possible.There is no such option  to move files from a Windows machine  to an indexable location to Windows Surface RT.

Can I delete an email account?

-Yes,you can.Open the mail app and swipe in from the right to show the Charms bar. Tap Settings and then tap Accounts.Now tap the email account which you like to delete.

The time is displaying hour later than it should.How to fix?

-Go to Date & Time > Internet Time > Change Settings and press ‘Update Now’.Open the Date & Time applet by pressing Windows Key and in the Search box type in :date

I am unable to access the apps which I had already purchased from the Microsoft Store.It is saying ‘trial expired’

-You can reinstall the app.

From Start Screen > Store > tap/click on Your apps > select the apps you want to install, and then tap or click Install.

[You can install apps that you buy from the Windows Store on up to 5 PCs. ]

When I try to connect to my company’s server and I get a message saying the ActiveX control cannot be loaded.

-IE 10 on Windows Surface RT doesn’t support  ActiveX.

Bing weather app is suddenly missing.

-Open Start screen > sweep up slightly from the bottom, that brings up a bar at the bottom, select All apps in the right corner.

Locate  the Weather app tile there and touch to select that ,put a check mark on the Weather Tile. Select Pin to Start.

Is there any app to open WTV Recorded TV files ?

-No,You need a converter to convert the files to mp4

How do you add your Yahoo contacts to People?

Unfortunately you will not be able to add Yahoo mail account to People app in windows 8.So what’s the work around?You can import yahoo contacts to Gmail.Add Gmail to people.Here is a discussion:-

How to add Yahoo mail in Metro Mail App?

Wish all my viewers a Happy 2013.

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