Official Feedback Regarding KB2670838

Installing the KB2670838 update has some  issue with WMP 12 on certain systems,that I already wrote in my earlier post here:WMP12 crashes after installing the update

Now here is the official response from Microsoft employee:-

Wuzzle(2)    replied on

  March 2, 2013
KB2670838: Microsoft is aware of an issue some customers are experiencing when installing KB2670838 on certain laptop systems with hybrid graphics.  We are looking into the situation and are considering blocking the update for systems that could be affected.  Customers who are experiencing issues on systems that already have installed the update should consider uninstalling KB2670838.




2 thoughts on “Official Feedback Regarding KB2670838

  1. Not just integrated or hybrid graphics. I installed this on my Phenom II desktop with an ATI HD6770 running Catalyst 13.1. The immediate symptom was crashing Windows Media Player on opening ANY video file. Flash performance also seems to have suffered. Uninstalling this update fixed the issue for me.

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