Trackpad Settings for fixing Windows Surface Pro issue

It started here:-

Type Cover not seen by trackpad setting app

I have a Surface Pro and a Type Cover.  After installing the Trackpad App is doesn’t see the cover.I have done all the troubleshooting steps and it never shows anything but the ‘Not Connected’ screen.Any ideas?

This bug has now been corrected.


Touch and Type Covers for Surface have a trackpad built-in that functions like a mouse. Trackpad Settings lets you control functions such as tap and touch gestures on your Surface.
If this app doesn’t detect the keyboard, do the following:

1. Make sure you have the latest updates: From the Start screen, type Update, tap Settings, then tap Check for updates.
2. From the Start screen, type Devices, tap Settings, then tap Devices and Printers. Then tap Refresh three times (circular arrow next to Search box). Try using the app again.


  • Control tap gestures
  • Control scrolling

Release notes

This update fixes a compatibility issue with Windows KB2822241, which results in the App not recognizing your Touch or Type Cover

System requirements

  • Touch Cover
  • Type Cover
Supported processors
x64, ARM

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