Registry hack to reverse the touchpad scrolling direction on the touch cover of Surface Pro

I found this problem in Microsoft Answer’s Forum.It goes like this:-

“The mouse on the touch cover stupidly scrolls the wrong way. This is annoying, confusing, and unintuitive. I know apple started this trend, but I’m disappointed to see Microsoft copy this idiotic change. Even worse, I can’t find a way to reverse it back to the normal scroll direction. Has anyone figured this out?”


One of the readers suggested a registry hack.

”  launch the “run” application (just type run on the home screen or press windows+r on the touch/type cover

  • Type “regedit.exe” into the run window, click run, and confirm the security warning
  • Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\HID\V EN_MSHW&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_MSAY0001&REV_100295A&Col02 \4&365f1178&0&0001\Device Parameters
  • The value responsible for scrolling is called “FlipFlopWheel” for vertical scrolling, and “FlipFlopHScroll” for sideways scrolling
  • change the value to 1 to have “normal” scrolling on the trackpad.

Remove and reattach touch cover, it should work now. If it doesn’t, reboot your machine and check the function now.

Now – I am not completely certain on this, but this registry value might affect a mouse connected to the surface as well (i.e. reversing its scroll wheel) – I have not tested this, since I don’t use a mouse with the surface.

and while you’re at it, you could go ahead and improve scrolling all together. This would mean in the same registry key,

  • locate “VScrollHighResolutionDisable“, and change it to 1.
  • launch the Control panel app, and open mouse settings. It should be in the group “Hardware and Sound“, or if you do not use group view in the control panel, it is there directly.
  • head to the column “Wheel“, and change the upper value to “1” (Lines per step on the scroll wheel for vertical scrolling)

This should make the scrolling much more responsive, not as jaggy as it is out of the box.

I hope this is helpful for you!

kind regards



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