My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.06 PR2 Released

My Movies for Windows Media Center and
My Movies Collection Management for Windows 4.06 Pre Release 2

Added: Mouse control commands to data service, for upcoming features in mobile applications.
Added: Event handling functionality updated for handling of power scenarios, main movie and credits start handling for device power and light control functionalities.
Added: Sony Remote Control handler for volume controls

Change: Blu-ray titles did not mark chapter reading as improveable, despite you have been able to read these for a while.

Fix: Folder monitoring had a problem with removing and re-adding titles on USB drives.
Fix: Wake On Lan did not work on TV Episode playback.
Fix: Audio key on remote did not work when ArcSoft TMT was playing.
Fix: DVD Menu button sent top menu button, now sends popup menu button as original remote when TMT is playing.
Fix: Missing files could cause a problem when opening the options dialog on CM installation.
Fix: Space did not work in text boxes in Windows Media Center.
Fix: OutOfMemory could occur on synchronization of large collections with online service when opening status dialog.



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