How Shall I Install Windows Media Center On Windows 8 N


If I have an installation of Windows 8 N, how do I get Media Center? I installed the Media Feature Pack , I find only Windows Media Player; there seems to be no way to add Media Center in the feature upgrade section.


Unfortunately there is no way to install Windows Media Center over Windows 8 N.It can only be installed on Windows 8 Pro machines.According to Microsoft’s KB Article:-

“The N and KN editions of Windows 8 include the same functionality as Windows 8, except for media-related technologies (Windows Media Player, web camera), and certain preinstalled media apps (Camera, Music, and Video). In addition, the KN editions do not include certain preinstalled communication apps (Calendar, Mail, Messaging, and People). You need other software from Microsoft or another company for this communication functionality and to play or create audio CDs, media files, and video DVDs; stream music; take and store pictures; and use a webcam. Some websites and software—like Windows Store apps, Microsoft Office, Encarta, and FrontPage—rely, to varying extents, upon Windows Media–related files that aren’t incorporated in these editions of Windows. End users can make these websites and software work properly by installing the Media Feature Pack for N and KN editions of Windows 8 (KB2703761).

This Supplement installs Windows Media Player and related technologies on the N and KN versions of all Windows 8 editions. This update does not include or install Windows Media Center or pre-installed Windows Store apps. Additional software will be required to playback or record certain types of media, including DVDs.”



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