Remix “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES” to win prizes including release on an upcoming Linkin Park EP, $2,500, a Surface Pro 2 and more.


Remix “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES,” the collaboration between LINKIN PARK x STEVE AOKI, to win prizes including cash, 6 Surface 2s + Remix Kits, an official release on both LINKIN PARK’s upcoming EP and Xbox Music.This program has been sponsored by Microsoft and you have the  opportunity to win a Surface Music Kit and Surface Pro 2 or Surface 2.No purchase is necessary to enter the Contest.

Here are some important things to remember from the Rules.

Criteria For Selection:-

SELECTION OF WINNERS Remixes will be posted on the Website during the Contest Period.

From the top ten (10) Remix entries, as determined by popular vote and excluding the Winner and Runner-Up Winners, the Artist and the Contest Entities and their designated appointees will, in their sole discretion, select one (1) Remix as the popular vote winner (“Popular Vote Winner”) based on the following criteria: Originality (0-25 points), Creativity (0-25 points), Concept (0-25 points), and Musicality (0-25 points). The Popular Vote Winner will receive: one (1) year Pro Membership to Indaba Music (ARV $50.00 USD per Pro Membership) (“Popular Vote Prize”).


The Winner will receive: (i) Two Thousand Five Hundred United States Dollars ($2,500.00 USD); (iii) Inclusion of the Winner’s Remix on an exclusive release on XBOX Music on or before May 31, 2014 (ARV $100.00 USD); (iv) Inclusion of the Winner’s Remix on an upcoming Linkin Park EP (ARV $500.00 USD); and (v) one (1) Surface Pro 2 and Surface Music Kit by Microsoft (ARV $849.00 USD) (“Winner Prize”).

Selection Period:

The Winner, Runner- Up Winners, and Popular Vote Winners (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Winning Entries”) will be selected between December 3, 2013 and December 10, 2013. The Winning Entries will be posted on the Website on or about December 10, 2013. The Winner and each Runner-Up Winner may be selected from all the Remix entries, regardless of any rank as determined by the visitor’s popular vote. Entrants acknowledge that the Contest Parties shall have no obligations, financial or otherwise, to the Winning Entries, except for those explicitly set forth in these Contest Official Rules. Entrants give the Sponsor the right to transmit the Winning Entries personal identifying information to the Artist or to other Contest Parties for the purposes of facilitating the award of the contest prizes. Other prizes may be determined at the discretion of the Artist and the Contest Entities and their designated appointees. Entrants agree that the Sponsor has the sole right to decide all matters and disputes arising from this Contest and that all decisions of Sponsor and the Contest Entities are final and binding.

Enter now


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