Strange Issue With Photo App in Windows 8.1


If you click any picture present on your desktop it opens fine with default photo app but if  I try to open any picture from any other location the picture opens for a moment and then immediately goes to metro Start menu.


Here are the things which a user generally does so far:-

1] Run app troubleshooter AppsDiagnostic.diagcab – Microsoft   

3] Run sfc /scannow

3] Run System Restore.

4] Create another User Account.

[Remember:you can not uninstall photo app in Windows 8.1]


Generally the following way out fixes the problem:-

Open File Explorer
Right click the navigation pane in the left and see if the Show Libraries option is checked, if not check it.
Right click “Libraries”.
Click “Restore Default libraries”.
Relaunch the Photos app.

There is also a suggestion to check whether indexing is running or not.It has been reported that if this feature is not running then there may be such issue.


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