Nextgen Reader


  • Completely safe and secure authentication (using OAuth2).
  • Choose dark or light theme with multiple color accents to personalize the design.
  • Modern view for your touch-screen device or tablet with portrait support.
  • Standard 3-pane view for PCs/Laptops.
  • Pin multiple live tiles to start screen from either 3-pane view or modern view.
  • Full keyboard support in 3-pane view (press “?” key).
  • Set default open method per feed: summary, full article or webpage.

What’s new in v2.1

• New: Share full article to OneNote, Evernote, Mail app, etc.
• New: Option to override dates and times format according to your region.
• New: Buffer support (see for more details).
• New: Keyboard shortcuts – F: full article, W: webpage, U: copy url.
• New: Option to disable keyboard shortcuts permanently.
• Improved: Show large images on secondary feed live tiles.
• Fixed: Large tile notifications.
• Fixed: Load summary when unable to download full article.
• Fixed: Syncing errors and performance improvements.


Windows Store

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