Updating OneDrive

Five new features have been added to OneDrive:

1.Size of thumbnails increased  to create a more beautiful view of your photos and videos.The videos  are now added to the All Photos view to make it easier to find-not only this   playback has improved with this release as well.

2.Now you can easily set the folder cover by selecting the photo you want, clicking Manage, and then selecting Add as cover.

3.This update brings the ability for you to also publish videos to Facebook.

4.OneDrive lets you share individual files in a folder as a group.Now it has got the ability to add more items after you’ve already shared the original grouping.

5.Mobile app on Android updated to give you more power and more control. In the latest release (version 2.5 for Android 4.0+) you can now:

  • Share files and folders by inviting people, sending a link, or sending files to another app
  • Update View and Edit sharing preferences
  • Select multiple files to download
  • Move files and folders
  • Sort files and folders

OneDrive blog


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