How To Calibrate Panasonic Smart Viera Perfectly For Using it As a Monitor

Those who are using Panasonic Smart Viera E6,32″as a monitor then must have noticed how it becomes difficult to read the texts.The texts are either blurred or have dark shadows behind them.The desktop icon texts are no exception either.So to use this tv set as  personal computing monitor is a real challenge.

There are many calibration tools available in the market but I have decided not to use any of them.So I went through trial error methods.

My Operating System is Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1  with Media Center.The system has ATI graphic card.After connecting the HDMI cable between the set and the graphic card first thing I noticed when booted to desktop,the four corners or edges of desktop have shrunken a bit.There are two ways to correct this:

Open AMD Catalyst Control Center and select Scaling Options (Digital Flat Panel) you will find a scale.Now drag the scale from the side of the Overscan to Underscan till the screen size becomes perfect.If you get the perfect size then press Apply.

The second method is to press the Menu button on Panasonic Smart Viera Remote Control.Select Picture > Option Settings > 1080P Pixel Direct > On

Now lets move to calibration part.Once again press the Menu button of the Remote and select Picture and keep the following settings:

Viewing Mode:Custom






Colour Temperature:Normal

Vivid Color:On

Adaptive Backlight Control:On

Ambient Sensor:Off

I also turned off Viera Connect Banner:

  • Hit the main Menu button on the remote
  • Navigate down to Setup, hit OK.
  • Navigate down down (or up) to the second screen until you land on Advanced Setup. Hit OK.
  • Hop down to Viera Connect Banner and turn it Off using the left or right directional arrows.
  • Hit Menu to exit.

I didn’t touch other settings.Now I am getting perfect texts at  1920 x 1080 P @60 Hz .Great to work with Panasonic Smart Viera.

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