Fixing Right-click context menu Delayed in Windows 8.1


Upgraded from windows 8 to win 8.1 finding  context menu  is so delaying. Every time I do right click on desktop to refresh it takes few seconds to complete.


1.Download ShellExView.

This program does not require installation,save the file and extract the zip file. Now right click on it and run as Administrator.


2. Now from the menu go to Options and select Filter By Extension Type.From the drop down list select Context menu and press OK.


3. On the list, you’ll see some of the entries with pink background, those are installed by the third party software.



4. Hold down CTRL Key and select all of them then click on the red button on top left corner to disable.

5. Go to Options and  scroll down to the bottom to select Restart Explorer.

Restart Explorer


6. Now try to right click on desktop to see if it fix the problem. If it does then start to enable applications  one by one till you find the offending extension  and Restart Explorer until the problem occurs again.

You may need to perform a Clean Boot also.




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