How To Add Windows Media Center To Windows Technical Preview-Build 9841

The Technical Preview which Microsoft has released yesterday doesn’t have WMC.However you can still add WMC to it.Here are steps to do this:

1.Click “Add features to Windows Technical Preview”  present in Windows Technical Preview version.

2. Put your Media Center product key (which you used earlier during adding WMC to Windows 8 Pro).

3.If it’s a valid key it will show ‘Your key works…’

4.Accept the license terms which will allow to add new features.

5.Adding features continues.


7.Now you will find WMC has been installed and working fine.

[Note:Adding WMC will change the name from Windows Technical Preview to Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center.Evaluation copy. Build 9841.You may experience random bad behavior.]


6 thoughts on “How To Add Windows Media Center To Windows Technical Preview-Build 9841

  1. While this will allow you to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro Media Center — IT WILL NOT ALLOW you to configure Cablecard devices.
    Everything appears to work fine until you get to the part of the installation which tests your system for compatability, (ie. copy protection). It is here when you receive a fatal error unlike any other I have experienced on Windows 7 Media Center or Windows 8 Pro Media Center.
    I spent the good part of yesterday trying to get past the above point so that I could register Media Center as Cablecard supported, but failed.
    After trying 4 video driver versions (AMD APU) and clean installing twice I had to give up and go back to Windows 8 Pro.

    1. Yes, we have noticed the same that the windows version’s name changed from Technical Preview to Windows 8 Pro with WMC.
      We have to wait for the upcoming updates on this issue.

  2. Some users have restored Windows Media Center by using the product key that they purchased for use in Windows 8.1. This will prevent you from getting updates and future builds for Windows 10 Technical Preview.


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