How To Install Windows Technical Preview-Build 9841From USB Drive


A USB Drive with more than 4 GB Space.


1]Download the ISO image of Windows Technical Preview-Build 9841

x86 | x64

2]Download and install Rufus.

3]From the drop down menu select USB Drive.

i]Select MBR Partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers from the drop down menu under partition scheme and target system type.

ii]Select File system NTFS.

iii]check the following options:

a.Quick format option

b.Create a bootable disk using and select ISO image and select the Windows Technical Preview ISO image

c.Create extended label and icon labels

4] Now click on start to create your bootable Windows Technical Preview.


6]Enter the BIOS and make sure the 1st boot device is USB Flash Drive.

7]Reboot and start installing from USB Flash Drive.

During installing Windows when the following  status will be completed :

copying Windows files

Getting files ready for installation

Installing features

Installing updates

Finishing up

After the completion of the above the system will restart.Make sure to remove the USB Flash Drive at this point and let the installation complete on your selected partition of Hard Disk.To do this you have to enter the BIOS again and change BIOS configuration to boot from HDD. Save and exit.

8. Your computer restars and continues with the installation.


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