How To Create Dual Boot Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 Technical Preview


This is all about dual booting on Surface Pro 3.Unlike other systems dual booting with Windows 10 Technical Preview on Surface Pro 3 is not an easy task. To get it going you have to do the followings:

1.Firstly grab the latest drivers of Surface Pro3.

2.Now disable Bitlocker. Shrink the C: drive to 40 GB via  Disk Management. There is no need to  format  the partition.

3.Create a USB Boot ISO for Windows 10 Technical Preview with the help of ‘Rufus’ .Once done reboot.

4.Do some setting changes in BIOS. Set ‘Secure Boot’ to disabled .

5.Boot to Windows. Choose  > Settings > Change PC Settings >Update and Recovery > Recover Under Advanced Start-up choose Restart now.

6.Surface will start booting from USB.

Dual Boot Surface 3 with Windows 10


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