Change logs in Windows Technical Preview Build 9879


  • You can now disable the search and taskview button
  • The action center has been placed in the notification area
  • Favorite folders can now be pinned to Home in File Explorer
  • Animations have been refined
  • More icons have been replaced with new versions
  • OneDrive now uses selective sync, no more Smart Files
  • New battery indictor


  • Touch gestures on a touchpad are now build in and universal across all Windows devices
  • Improvements to multi monitor support have been made
  • MKV support has been improved
  • “System compression” has been added to Disk Cleanup as a new option


  • The 3 dots-icon has been replaced with a hamburger menu icon, works the same
  • Dialogs in WinRT are now windowed

Internet Explorer

  • A feedback icon has been added next to options prominent in the interface
  • Extended standard and API support
    • Support for Content Security Policy
    • GamePad API support has returned (as seen in Internet Explorer Developer Channel)
    • CSS Transforms – preserve-3d support
    • JS Arrow function
    • JS iterators
    • JS Symbols
    • Media Queries Level 4: Interaction Media Features
    • Selection API Support
    • WAV Audio Support
    • ES6 Built-ins
      • Math
      • Number
      • String
      • Object
      • RegExp
    • ES6 Object Literal Enhancements
    • ES6 Promises
    • ES6 Classes
    • ES6 Spread
    • ES6 Template Strings
    • ES6 Proxies
    • ES6 WeakSet
  • Experimental Features Dashboard has been added under about:flags
  • The User Agent String has been altered
  • Edge has been added


  • Insider Hub
    • Insider Hub has been added as a new app, news portal for Windows Insiders
  • OneDrive
    • OneDrive has been removed as an app
  • Search
    • You can now pin the search app to the taskbar and start screen
  • PC Settings
    • Storage Sense has been added to the main menu
    • You can now back-up settings to OneDrive (not the same as sync)
  • Windows Feedback
    • Feedback can now be sorted on trending, number of “Me Too’s” and most recent
    • The apps will take you back to the category after posting feedback
    • Bugfixes when using search
    • Screenshot button is now easier to find
  • zPC Settings
    • Some panels have been updated
    • You can now change your background hrough this app
    • Under “Privacy”, Cortana options have been added



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