My Experience with Windows Phone Build 10051

Last night I have installed Windows 10 Preview Build 10051 on my Nokia Lumia 720. Umm not a sweet experience for me. It’s buggy, occasional call drops, sluggish, sometimes windows button doesn’t respond, that’s really bad . The Settings and Background icons look alike. I can not access Office 😦 The Office Hub has been removed from this build. Without Office this phone makes no sense to me. I am bit lucky SD memory card is working and showing all my videos and pictures :).

I tried to enable airplane mode but status button is switching to off position every time. So Flight mode cannot be enabled. The lock screen image is not taking proper position. I use my mother’s photo-sadly her upper head portion is out of frame in spite of trying to adjust so many times. I am not sure if it’s a resolution thing.

It is consuming  battery more and getting hot. The open background applications are now at the right side, earlier they were on the left side. The Messaging app has a new visual design but Messaging is taking a long time to attach the recipient:) The People app is not showing the pictures on Start screen.

The Calculator looks nice 🙂  Email + accounts page has been removed from the Settings app Outlook Calendar and Outlook mail are simply superb. I have added my outlook and Gmail accounts  here.Strange enough my Cortana is working 🙂 An early version of Project Spartan is available in this flight though I have not played much with it.

Data connections can’t be disabled in this build .The Phone dialler buttons are too small in comparison to my earlier windows 8.1

I know it’s an earlier build and in coming days all these problems will be fixed and many new things will be added. I don’t have any spare phone with me…I am planning to buy Lumia 730. If I don’t buy that then I shall go back to Windows 8.1 again,I can not experiment with my existing set-after all it’s a connecting bridge with my family ,friends and office.





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