Surface 3 Processor Advantage


I am interested in buying a Windows tablet. My choices are ThinkPad 10 and Surface 3. Which has a better processor?


Well, as far as processor is concerned Surface 3 comes with an advanced and upgraded processor  Atom™ x7-Z8700 (2MB Cache, 1.6GHz with Intel Burst™ technology up to 2.4GHz). While Lenovo ThinkPad tablet comes with Atom Z3795 / 1.6 GHz. Atom™ x7-Z8700 has  increased memory bandwidth ‘ which is quite beneficial to memory bound applications and programs, working with large data sets.’

Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) is 8 GB and Max Memory Bandwidth is 25.6 GB/s  for Atom™ x7-Z8700 but Atom Z3795  comes with Max Memory Size  4 GB and Max Memory Bandwidth is 17.1 GB/s.

Go through this Reference.


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