Fixing Google Chrome crash in Windows 10 Build 10525


Whenever the Chrome browser is launched in 10525, all tabs crash and getting the following error message:




It appears the problem only affected 64-bit versions of Windows.

Reinstalling 32 bit version of Chrome fixes the issue.

But if you like to continue with 64 bit version of Chrome then the simple solution to getting Chrome up and running again is to use the –no-sandbox flag. This is not something that is normally recommended, as it brings Chrome processes out of their protected, sandboxed state, but as a temporary measure — and to avoid having to switch browsers for too long — it’s fine.

Right click on the desktop shortcut to Chrome and select Properties.
Move to the Shortcut tab and click in the Target field.
Type a space at the end of the path that appears in the field followed by –no-sandbox.
Hit OK, and use the shortcut to launch Chrome.

You may go through the discussions here


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