Update for Windows RT 8.1 feature improvement : KB 3033055 Released

Microsoft has released KB 3033055, an update that adds the Start Menu and other features to Windows RT 8.1. The following new features are available for Windows RT 8.1 users. There are six main areas visible when the Start menu first appears. The following screen shot is an example of US English version that displays six main areas of the Start menu:


  1. Header. This is where the user account picture and power button appear.
  2. Pinned List. Apps that are pinned for easy access appear here.
  3. Most Frequently Used applications list (MFU). Apps that are frequently used but not pinned anywhere else will appear here.
  4. All Apps button. Selecting this button displays the All Apps list.
  5. Search text box. Typing here begins a search.
  6. App grid. Both Immersive and Win32 apps can be pinned, unpinned, and resized in this area.

This update is available on Windows Update.




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