TechNet Subscription Product Keys & Upgrade to Windows 10


I had a TechNet Subscription prior to it’s ending that I used the keys for Windows 7 and 8 on several of my PCs to install an operating system. Recently I replaced a Hard Drive, installed Windows 7 Pro and used one of the keys to activate windows 7 and was successful. The notification appeared saying I am eligible for Windows 10 Upgrade and I took advantage of it. However, Windows 10 did not activate and I am getting the error “Activate failed because this device doesn’t have a valid digital entitlement or product key.  Error code 0x803F7001.”If I am getting the “eligible to upgrade” message before upgrading to 10, how can I be not “entitled” after I upgrade.

So, does anyone know if  TechNet subscriptions are in fact eligible or not.


Microsoft has retired  the TechNet Subscriptions service and discontinued sales on August 31, 2013 ( 90 day subscription extension). Since Microsoft ended TechNet subscriptions, all licenses under the program that has expired should be discarded under the terms of the licensing agreement. You would need to have an MSDN subscription to upgrade.

Best option will be contacting  Microsoft License support.


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