Surface Pro 4 Launched in India with an insane price tag

So the wait is over. Microsoft has launched Surface Pro 4 in India today. Amazon India will market the device for the first six months along with older Surface Pro 3.Both the Surface devices are up for pre-orders which will  start from January 14. The device will also be available through Microsoft Stores in different cities across the country.

But the pricing is a shocking one. Intel Core i5 processor 6th Gen ,4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB storage starts with a price tag of 89,900 Indian rupees ($1,343.46) , the same model in US  costs $999.00; plus Rs.12,400 ($185.304 )Touch Cover extra.

Moreover the price of Surface Pro3 is Rs. 73,990.00 ($1,104.55 USD) which is $599.00 in US.

Personally I consider it’s a very bad marketing strategy on behalf of Microsoft. There are lots of alternatives available  with a much cheaper price. Apple has a far better marketing strategy.



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