Windows 10 & Skylake Processor

According to Microsoft if your system runs Windows 10 with Skylake or, Intel on their new 6th generation Intel Core processors then there will be a huge difference in comparison with systems running Windows 7 with earlier generation processors.

So what will be the improvements?

30x better graphics and 3x the battery life – with the unmatched security of Credential Guard utilizing silicon supported virtualization

Dell, Lenovo, HP some of the global leading players have also come out with such devices.

Dell: award-winning XPS products and Precision workstations and newly launched Latitude notebooks and Optiplex desktops that give customers the very best of Windows 10 and Skylake.

HP:HP Elite X2, HP EliteBook Folio and HP EliteBook 1040 G3 takes advantage of these most advanced capabilities.

Lenovo: newest products, such as ThinkPad X1 and Lenovo YOGA, are designed to deliver significant new capabilities.


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