Huawei’s MateBook is a stylish Windows 2-in-1

The MateBook features a 12in (30.5cm) display and can be clipped into an add-on keyboard and used with a stylus.

Its advantages over Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 are that it is:

  • nearly 20% thinner, measuring 6.9mm (0.3in) deep
  • about 20% lighter, weighing 630g (1.4lb)
  • has a fingerprint sensor built into its side, unlike the Surface Pro which requires its cover to be attached to use the feature

However, the disadvantages are that Huawei’s machine is only offered with a sixth generation Core M processor, and not Intel’s more powerful Core i5 or i7 chips.

USB-C port means that older peripherals cannot be attached directly to the machine and it lacks a built-in display port.

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