Windows 10 Insider Build 14279 Released

New Features:

Cortana in more languages: With this build, Cortana is enabled for the Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) or French (Canada) languages!

Cortana save useful information like the name of a book you want to read (ex: “remind me to read [insert book name]”), or a to-do item without a due date (ex: “remind me to wash the car”).

Updated logon experience: If you have a custom Lock screen background set, you will see your Lock screen background is now used for both the Lock screen and logon screen.

Sway integration with Photos app:For more on the Sway integration with the Photos app in Windows 10 – read this blog post.

March updates for the Xbox app (beta) for Windows 10: A new update to the Xbox app (beta) for Windows 10 will be bringing along some new features including a Gamerscore Leaderboard and an updated ‘Featured’ section. If you’re part of the Xbox One Preview, there are some good updates on the way for you too on the console. Read this blog post from Xbox Wire for all the details. You can download the Xbox app (beta) app for Windows 10 here from the Windows Store.



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