Strange Problem with a manual solution

This is a strange problem and till now I haven’t got any ultimate solution.

In my desktop system there is a SSD [128 GB Intel ]with Windows 10 Enterprise  installed and a Toshiba HD [1 TB] where again Windows 10 Pro installed in one partition.

I use the SSD and my son who is a school boy uses the Toshiba HD. As Windows were installed separately on two drives so there is no boot loader issue here.

When I use my SSD it starts checking the drive health of my son’s HD. So I thought that there might be some bad sectors or system files disorder on that HD but after thorough checking it came up with 0 bad sector.

One day  he couldn’t sign in to Windows. I found the welcome screen is black and there was no way to get into the desktop.

I thought his user profile got corrupted or might be a graphic driver issue resulting black screen.

So I started to troubleshoot and not a single Windows solution like booting into Safe mode, Start up repair, refresh the drive, system restore, command prompt [sfc/dism]etc. helped.

This sounds strange -so before getting into next step of troubleshooting I booted with my SSD and found my son’s HD is NTFS locked and showing ‘Access denied” error.

Such scenario is associated with mostly security things but my son’s case was not that. Ultimately I formatted his drive and went for a Clean install.

It went fine for 2/3 days then started repeating the same problem. I thought that my son who is a true game and EDM music  lover must have corrupted Windows files by installing third party software.

But unfortunately the same problem was repeating again and again and I was clueless.

Finally I removed the SSD and asked him to boot with his HD-everything going on smoothly.

When I like to use my desktop I remove the SATA cable from my son’s HD and boot into my SSD.

Still I am wondering what went wrong. I asked many friends of mine but no one was able to explain the logic beyond this strange issue.


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